A new take on Celtic tradition

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Welcome to our website!

Céad Míle Fáilte from one of Colorado’s most innovative Irish bands!

Avourneen‘s approach to Celtic music doesn’t rely on formula.

The Denver-based trio may specialize in Irish music, but their musical approach pulls from a wealth of other genres and styles. Guitarist/vocalist Adam Goldstein and violinist/pianist CL Morden  are fans of incorporating elements from their eclectic influences. Audiences are liable to hear traces of American and European folk in original tunes like “Sparrow” and “Banks of the Liffey”; they’re apt to pick up traces of vintage jazz, modern orchestral music and classic rock in interpretations of standards like “Whiskey in the Jar,” “Come Out Ye Black and Tans,” “Easy and Slow” and “Drowsy Maggie.”

For all of the band’s diverse interests, their common thread remains strongly Irish. A shared love of music marks the rapidly expanding catalogue of this exciting group, and their tunes are sure to interest any listener with even a casual interest in Celtic tradition. Their music is a hybrid of old and new, a fusion of ancient and contemporary.

Take a few minutes to explore the website and learn more about this exciting new act. On this website, you’ll find links to tunes, upcoming gigs and general updates from Adam and CL. Feel free to comment and send along contact information for our email list; the members of Avourneen are always happy to field questions, talk about music and enjoy the craic.


One thought on “A new take on Celtic tradition

  1. Sorry, mis-typed my phone number in the last email. It is 303-570-5944. We are looking for a Celtic or similar band to play. I think you guys would fit very well with what we are doing. Please let me know if you can play, sorry for the short notice!


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