Adam Goldstein
Vocals, Guitar, Bouzouki, Harmonica

Adam is a Colorado native with years of experience as a performer and professional musician. Adam started playing guitar at the age of 13 and discovered a deep interest in Irish music when he was still in high school. A cassette of Irish drinking tunes first sparked his interest in the genre. The exposure drove him to immerse himself in the musical traditions of Ireland and seek out his own familial roots to the country. Adam, who’s been a regular performer at the popular nightclub the Clocktower Cabaret since 2008, has performed on stages across Colorado and the West. His experience in the cultural life of the state also includes stints as a music, theater and arts writer for a diverse range of publications including the Aurora Sentinel, Westword and the Daily Camera. Adam worked closely with Avourneen fiddler Cieran Morden in self-producing his first solo album, “Old Love Songs and Other Unhealthy Fixations,” released in 2014.


Cieran Morden
Vocals, Fiddle, Keyboards

Cieran grew up in northern California and started playing music as soon as the keys to the family piano were in reach. Before relocating to Colorado to study at the University of Denver’s Lamont School of music, Cieran was fortunate to be exposed to many kinds of music and enjoyed playing in orchestras, string quartets, state honor groups and several different bands throughout high school. Cieran moved to Denver in 2009 and earned a degree in violin performance four years later. Cieran has built up an impressive professional résumé, playing in a variety of orchestras, chamber ensembles, rock bands and folk music groups including the Denver Philharmonic Orchestra. Cieran’s work in Avourneen represents a close connection to the fiddle traditions of Ireland; in 2014, they traveled to Ireland with Adam to study in workshops and play in sessions across the country.


Alice Alister
Vocals, Bass

Alice grew up in Colorado Springs and took up bass guitar at age 13. Thanks in part to the support of high school band director, Jason Emory, and the enriching environment at the Colorado Springs Conservatory, Alice decided to pursue music professionally as a performer and composer. High school was also where Alice discovered a love for folk music, a passion that stemmed in part from Ralph Vaughn Williams’ and Gustav Holst’s arrangements of English folk songs. In 2009, Alice moved to Denver to study Jazz performance at the University of Denver. Since then, they have performed in a wide variety of musical theater productions and bands, performing a diverse array of original music and covers. Alic is also a music educator, a freelance performer, and is currently composing and performing music for solo electric bass under the moniker, (un)certainty.


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