This is where you’ll find updated video clips from Avourneen.

1/25/21 Live Performances at the Clocktower Cabaret
Check out these performances of tunes from our new album, “Sparrow,” recorded at the Clocktower Cabaret in Denver!

12/22/20 Avourneen on Colorado Public Radio
We were featured in Colorado Public Radio’s 2020 Holiday Extravaganza, and the video is here! Check out our holiday medley, which includes our takes on ‘Christmas In Carrick’ and other seasonal favorites!

12/1/20 New Music from Avourneen!
It’s here! Take a listen and look to this first recording of our new single, “Lakes of Killarney.” A formal, studio recording will follow once the world has returned to normal. For the moment, enjoy the debut of this song written and performed under the challenging circumstances of 2020.

Santa Fe Trad Fest 2020

We were honored to be part of the virtual 2020 Santa Fe Traditional Fest. Find our performances at 32:38 and 2:29:30 of this video, and check out all of the other amazing performers at this unique event!

The Nightly Met

We had a blast performing and chatting for our friends at “The Nightly Met.” Check out clips of our appearance below!

“Tiny Couch Concert”

Here’s a recent shoot we did at the Clocktower Cabaret with videographer Heather Longway and engineer Tom Payetta. Thanks to all involved!!!

Here’s our cover of the Pogues’ holiday classic, “Fairy Tale of New York.” This impromptu performance got us a shout-out from the Pouges themselves on Facebook. What an honor!

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