Avourneen, “Sparrow”


Avourneen’s first full-length album is NOW available! This 15-track album includes original compositions like “Banks of the Liffey” and “Sparrow,” as well as timeless standards like “Rising of the Moon” and “Mermaid.”

$20 (Cost includes shipping and handling).

Avourneen, “Beloved”

“An ambitious undertaking and refreshing presentation of music not heard often enough,” Rodger Hara, Celtic Connection, Oct. 2014

Avourneen’s debut EP features traditional Celtic standards including “Eileen Oge,” “King of the Fairies” and “Mary Mack,” as well as the original tune “Eamonn.”

$12 (cost includes shipping and handling)


Adam Goldstein, “Old Love Songs and Other Unhealthy Fixations”

“You feel that you have been to the door, the window, the microscope of a man’s heart, a gentleman’s heart, beseeching, composed, jilted. And, oh, so lyrical and literate. How many love songs do you know that have a phrase to rhyme with ‘Edgar Allen Poe’ or ‘Venus with a scar upon her chin’ in some Renaissance urban déjà vu,” Duncan Newcomer, letter to WERU radio station, Belfast, Maine, Oct. 2014

Adam Goldstein’s first solo EP features six original tunes that run the gamut from the folk-rock strains of “I’d Take the Fall” to the swing-inspired instrumental “Stage Right.”

$12 (cost includes shipping and handling)

Adam Goldstein
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